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Consultancy services for Conducting Detail Engineering survey of Community Water Supply System

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Mahuli Community Development Center (MCDC) is one of a non-governmental organization working in Saptari district since 1994. It works for various social developmental activities coordinating with developing partners and government organization.  Currently, MCDC is implementing the Welthungerhilfe (WHH) supported project titled “Strengthening municipal-wide WASH governance for social change in Saptari District (NPL1060)” of Province No. 2,

Throughout the year, MCDC Nepal has worked in various WASH related programs like tube well constructions, construction of latrines, installation of UV filtration and education on hygiene and sanitation in different communities as well as schools. MCDC not only provides access to water but also promotes community participation. It believes that community participation is the most important method to enable communities to help themselves and sustain efforts in development works. MCDC’s aim in Nepal is to empower communities and provide improve access to clean water. To contribute to this aim MCDC will continue to build on its strengths to establish itself as a service providing centre in the areas of clean drinking water, WASH service and sustainable sanitation by expanding its involvement in other environmental related issues such as climate change.


The targeted community Dalit Basti, Rajgadh rural Municipality Ward No-3 lies in the Saptari District, Sagarmatha zone south-eastern part of Nepal. This village has majority of people which belongs to disadvantaged-indigenous groups such as Chamar, Sada, Mandal and Yadav living in this community for more than 50 years. Water crisis remains the major problem of this village. Therefore, MCDC is working in support of its donor to support the people of Dalit village to get the access of clean water near to their doorsteps. MCDC is interested to implement the Drinking Water Supply Scheme (DWSS) project that includes access of clean water in community and in school, hygiene and sanitation promotion by awareness and education programs and livelihood development programs.

MCDC required developing a detail engineering survey report for the implementation of the project. Therefore, we are here to request all the engineering consultant/consultancy firms to submit a proposal on topic Request for Proposal: Conducting Detail Engineering survey, Design and Cost estimation of Community Water Supply System. The consultant/firms should review the detail ToR given and prepare accordingly. 

This Terms of Reference (ToR) is developed to request a consultancy services from a qualified consultant (individual/institution) to undertake detailed engineering survey that includes, feasibility assessment, design estimates, survey of transmission and distribution line of pipe, water distribution network plan in GIS, detail drawings, preparation of quantity estimation, cost estimation, BoQs and survey reports. The survey will be conducted at Dalit basti, Rajgadh Rural Municipality ward no-3, Saptari district that covers more than 127 households in consultation with the Rajgadh Rural Municipality.  MCDC Nepal and its donor will be closely involved during the survey.




The overall objective of the study is to formulate technically and social sound survey, design and estimate report for overhead water supply scheme in the above-mentioned locations.

Target Areas

The project will focus on one specific location Dalit Basti Rajgadh Rural municipality ward no-3 of Saptari district.

Scope of Work

The consultant will carry out the necessary field works along and shall be responsible for accuracy, interpretation, analysis of all data received including conclusion and recommendations. The scope of work to be carried out by the consultant include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Conduct detailed engineering survey of the water supply scheme and prepare design, drawings, detail quantity estimation with specification of materials, labors, preparation of BoQs, compute tentative quantity and cost estimation along with the survey report of the water supply system.


  • Prepare a survey report with the consideration of technical aspects, social dynamics, gender, social inclusion, and environmental protection are well documented.


  • Identify the source yield, pumping details, pumping types, design of deep boring well, overhead tank, feasibility of reservoir site, distribution pipe alignment, suspended crossing designs and details and number and location of private taps and other major structures.


  • Identify the capacity of the water source i.e., number of people it can serve to know the volume of water that can be extracted from the water source throughout the year.


  • Finalize all human resource requirement, develop necessary tools and methodologies to carry out the detail survey.


  • Review available reports, other past studies, standard specifications, publication, and guidelines.


  • Prepare Geological reports that explains the type of soil located at the site, the boring depth required, and the water table status.


  • Prepare Master plan of the construction works assigned site and GIS/ Google earth report that indicates the pipeline distribution alignments.
  • Prepare a financial analysis report that explains the tariff to be set in-order to recover capital investment and for operation and maintenance.


  • Prepare technical specification that explains the materials quality and workability to be followed during the construction works.




This study will be based on the field survey in the selected ward and on the desk review of previous study reports, maps, design guidelines and standards.

Work Schedule and Expected deliverables

The consultant is expected to take the responsibility of assignment from second week of March 2021 and should complete the study within 25 days from signing of the contract. The first draft report needs to be submitted by 31st March 2021 and a high-quality final report (4 copies) to be submitted by 4th April 2021.

Required Qualification

  • The Consultant / Consulting Firm must be registered in Office of Company registrar or Office of Small and Cottage Industry and must have registered in Inland Revenue Department with VAT.
  • The Team Leader of the project proposed must have Qualification of master’s degree related to Environment or Sustainable Development with Civil Engineering Bachelors with minimum 10 Years of Experience in related field.
  • Team of the Project must include at least 1 water supply design Engineer, 1 Architect, 1 Structural engineer with 2 Sub-Engineers,1 Hydrologist,1 Geologist and 1 Environmentalist, 1 financial analyst working the similar field of Water supply.
  • The Consulting Firm Must have completed at least 2 similar projects of Gravity Water Supply Scheme and/or Pumping Water Supply Scheme.

Terms and Conditions

MCDC Nepal reserves all the right to reject any or all proposals received. And select the most advantageous proposals based on the evaluation criteria for oral interview.


The consultant/consulting firm should submit a proposal to MCDC Nepal by 12- March- 2021 via mail to Or with the attached required documents:

  • A detail technical and financial proposal including approach and methodology, work plan with the survey quotation.
  • Resume of key personnel to be assigned to this project.
  • Company and VAT registration certificates
  • Description of other projects designed by this firm and key personnel pertinent to this project. Include reference contact information.
  • Examples of Knowledge, expertise and/or experience with other related work.

Contact address:

Rajbiraj, Saptari, Nepal

Phone: 031-520208, 9801549913


Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted. Telephone enquiries shall not be entertained.

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