Mahuli , Saptari

Introduction of MCDC:

Due to uneducated community,there were so many problems of local road to access the ambulance, fired brigade, and other emergency vehicles.But there were sowide street road in a map. In 1990/091,This information inspired us and we youths discussed about street road of our village/community and became united to established an community organization.
 In 1994 Mahuli yuwa club legally registered under the act of Organization registration act, 2034 in District Administration Office Saptari with registration No., 23/2051/52, affiliated with Social Welfare Council Affiliation No. 3260 and Inland Revenue office with Vat No.301732622. After some years, The Mahuli Yuwaculb change into Mahuli Community Development Center(MCDC), Saptary. Since established day, MCDC has been working in the social development sector and crossed25 years in this district for raising up of poor, Dalit, and enhancing of Women and youth and disadvantage groups.

What does MCDCdo.

Poverty is the main issues for the social development. So MCDC   works for community development by empowering of social engagement.  MCDC involved basically in 4 sector for the community Development.

  1. Empowerment of community through social mobilization based on its mission.
  2. Livelihood for poverty reduction.
  3. Wash for health and clean environment.
  4. Safe Shelter Construction.
  5. Infrastructure Development.

I think that conservation,Lack of education, poverty is the main cause of the development.MCDC has experienced 25 years in social sector for social development with 36 partners and successfully launched 48 Projects during its service period.

During the Period, MCDC has success to develop and promotes 6 community based cooperatives, promoted D class microfinance bank for poverty reduction and constructed house to habilitation in fired disaster areas and homeless people.MCDC has also success to establish and develop a community school under the Pact Nepal project.

During the community development journey, MCDC has been maintaining its rules and regulation for serving to the community with the collaboration of different project’s donor. So I’m so proud of its services, Thousands of families were benefited of its services and hundred youth involved here to serve the community.

I think, the successful of organization depends on its good Governance and leadership. Staffs should be devoted for the organization and responsible for the community development which is the main goal of institution. MCDC always thinks how to change rural and marginal people to take positive manner and access to human rights.

MCDC success to go ahead getting suggestion and support from all stakeholders who comments and feedback us time to time.

I extend sincere thanks to all the concerned stake holders, staffs for their effort and contribution in social development as local level. I want to thank them who want to come and helps in local development.

Organizational structure:

 The governing body – Executive Committee – provides overall policy guidance to the organization and ensures its smooth operation. The committee is headed by the President, selection of which is a democratic process. The committee comprised of 7 members is elected for a three-year term. There are a total of 80 members (27Life members, 22 Active members and 38 General members) and different sub-committees are established to carry out organizational activities effectively.
The Executive Director/Secretary leads the operational senior management team to oversee office operations. MCDC Nepal operations are divided into various program departments – Resource Mobilization and Partnerships contributed currently by 28 staffs (18 males and 10 female) (35% women) in total.

Operational Strategies:

a) Sustainability.

b) Human Resource Development.

c) Community Mobilization     d) Relationship Management.

e) Succession Plan