Mahuli , Saptari


MCDC, Saptari Nepal a non-profitable social development organization of Nepal. Currently MCDC Nepal is implementing the Welthungerhilfe (WHH) supported project title “ Strengthening Municipal wide WASH Governance for Social Change in Saptari District NPL-1060” Province No.-2, we invite applications from interested and qualified Nepali citizens for the following position; the position is located in Saptari.

MCDC Nepal, Saptari

NPL1060, Saptari

Title of the Post          

Enterprise Development Officer (EDO)

Location of the Post          

MCDC Nepal, Saptari

Immediate Supervisor

Project Coordinator

Line manager        


Position to be supervised   

Entire WASH Field Mentors of Respective Local Authorities

Reporting to

Project Coordinator


Mainly entire NPL 1060 project area, Saptari (Bishnupur, Rajgad, Dakneshowari)

 Job Description 

Position: Enterprise Development Officer-1 No.

The position is based in Saptari district and frequent visit to project location (Dakneshwari Municipality, Rajgadh Rural Municipality & Bishnupur Rural Municipality).

Qualification and Experience:

  • At least 3-4 years of similar experience with I/NGO and government especially in the Terai region of Nepal.
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business management, Enterprise Development, or any relevant discipline.
  • Solid working experience on business development sector in line with livelihood support for ultra-poor, Dalit and marginalized households and having creative ideas and skills on business promotion by using seed money/revolving funds for entrepreneurship.
  • Good skill in community development, empowerment,  networking, lobby, and advocacy.
  • Good communication and analytical skills.
  • Knowledge on financial management , staff supervision and development.
  • Good coordination, communication with the community and different stakeholders. 
  • Fluent in oral and written Nepali and English language.
  • Knowledge of Terai local languages ( Tharu, Maithali) would be an added advantage.
  • Experience in humanitarian assistance /emergencies and a basic understanding of WASH emergency response/ reconstruction, including sphere standard.
  • Knowledge and skill on Right based approaches, GESI, Nutrition, and special needs of women in this context would be an added advantage.
  • Willing to stay and travel extensively in the project locations and the ability to work under high pressure.
  • Experience in planning, implementation, and monitoring of Enterprise Development Projects connecting with WASH business opportunities in the community.
  • Skill on training facilitation, coaching, mentoring and capacity building of beneficiaries, field staff, and CBOs.
  • Valid two-wheeler driving license is mandatory and able to ride a motorcycle in rural areas/off-road.
  • The applicant must be a Nepali citizen.

Summary of Job:

The position holder is responsible for overall management and Implementation of Entrepreneurship related component of Project (NPL 1060) entitled “Strengthening WASH Governance for social change in Saptari District, Nepal” in his/her assign local unit/Palika. She/he will lead the planning, implementation and monitoring of Entrepreneurship on WASH related to drinking water supply, solid waste management, WASH in institutions, nutrition, and WASH governance of Saptari district and ensure the overall achievement of project outcomes related to WASH business and opportunities. Under the direct supervision of Project coordinator, he/she is responsible for effect and efficient implementation of project activities, supervision and coaching of project staffs and coordinating with municipal authorities, stakeholders, and Welthungerhilfe field team. He/she will also be accountable for extending the coordination, coherence and harmonization with local government, stakeholders, line agencies and I/NGOs to create an amicable environment to achieve the ethos of the organization.

The Enterprise Development Officer (EDO) bears lead responsibility and accountability of Entrepreneurship related component of project for the livelihood support and economic activities of socially marginalized, low income community and women’s group in line with WASH business. He/she will manage his/her 80% time for field level planning, implementation, local level coordination, coherence, monitoring and supervision, reporting and documentation whereas 20% for documentation, review and supportive activities to the PC.

Job Responsibilities:


Program Design and Implementation:


  • Support to PC to prepare annual/quarterly and monthly detail implementation plan, budgeting of the project activities in line with project targets/outcomes.
  • Ensure the effective activities planning and implementation of Entrepreneurship related activities with high quality results;
  • Guide/support the subordinates/Field WASH Mentors for annual/quarterly/monthly program design, planning and budgeting.
  • Guide/support to the FCHVs, Volunteers and Peer educators for quality program implementation by collaborating and coordinating with stakeholders, Govt. line agencies and I/NGOs.
  • Work with team to design innovative plan on business opportunities related to WASH governance, nutrition, behavioral change, livelihood and income generation (LIG) interventions that can directly contribute for WASH governance, improve health status, increase household economic opportunities and ultimately for strengthening local government.
  • Support to select the appropriate financial institution to run seed money/grant with the coordination of local authorities, MCDC project management team and WHH project team.
  • Support to mobilize the matching fud/grants to ensure the run WASH business
  • Coordinate with local cooperatives, saving and credit groups to run WASH business.
  • Ensure inter-sectoral coordination among subordinates to create environment for serving the significant benefits to the deprived communities and impact areas by all core programs.
  • Assess the capacity development need of cooperative, field staff and volunteers for their professional development.
  • Ensure the staff safety & security during on-duty and keep updated of all security related issues to the MCDC Security focal person.
  • Act as an Implementing Focal person/in charge of the entrepreneurship component of the respective area/local unit.

Monitoring and Supervision:

  • Support to develop business development plan and capacity building activities for selected groups and individual to run their business smoothly.
  • Establish the effective and valuable mobilization of grant money through sustainable mechanism
  • Provide guidance and inputs to project staffs to ensure effective mobilization and run the business and to maintain better synergy amongst sectors.
  • Encourage to subordinates in exploring and identifying the best practices as well as new approaches of program delivery that can contribute for program scaling up and extension.
  • Conduct regular sharing, stakeholders meeting to resolve the programmatic and administrative issues of respective area in terms of business run.
  • Prepare and review the project documentation of achievements, lesson learned and feedback.
  • Ensure the quality of program implementation by field staff and organize the joint monitoring visit on a regular basis.
  • Onsite coaching, mentoring and technical support to the group, selected enterprises and individual to grow the business.
  • Ensure the project monitoring and evaluation system is establish and targets and indicators are meet as per the logical framework
  • Coordinate with PC, MCDC board and WHH field team, donor agencies and local authorities to make effective monitoring and supervision of project activities.


Financial Management:


  • Ensure the valuable expenditure of planned budget versus expenditure and ensure its proper documentation for effective and efficient financial management.
  • Ensure the timely settlement of field expenditure and maintain the financial discipline.
  • Report to PC by finance officer and provide inputs/guidance, if any.
  • Guide the subordinates for better store financial management and support to the admin and finance staff to collect rate, quotation and required document.
  • Ensure that physical verification of goods and assets and maintain the store keeping procedure are done by users committee and filed team on time.
  • Suggest or recommend the PC to update the existing policies for incorporation of the best practices.
  • Supervise and provide regular guidance to project members for their better performance and update on professional activities.
  • Ensure the adherence of policy and procedure of organization during the implementation of project activities in the field.
  • Ensure the sustainable management and effective mobilization of grant money.

External/Internal coordination:

  • Coordinate with MCDC Management team, Project Coordinator and WHH field team to get timely feedback and recommendations during the course of project cycle management.
  • Maintain consistent coordination with municipal authorities, other relevant stakeholders for the timely completion of the project.
  • Maintain smooth internal coordination with project team, executive director, admin and finance and board members make them accountable towards projects.
  • Coordinate and support to PC, MCDC Board and WHH field team to organize high the level visits (donor, WHH HQ, WHH country office) and lead the field activities.


  • Prepare high quality event report, Support to PC to prepare the monthly, quarterly and annual report as per the mandate of the project and timely submission to the donor.
  • Maintain the high-quality data base of project activities and timely submit to the PC and concerned line authorities.
  • Document the key successes, learning and challenges from the project and report to the PC/donors/concerned agencies.
  • Prepare and update the project key progress/milestones/achievements, events and work as a supporting for the final reporting.

Qualification and requirements:

  • At least 4 years of similar experience with I/NGOs and government specially in Terai region of Nepal.
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business management, Enterprise Development and or relevant field 
  • Solid working experience on business development sector and having creative idea and skill on business promotion through entrepreneurship.
  • Good skill in community development, empowerment, networking, lobby and advocacy
  • Good communication and analytical skills
  • Knowledge on financial management and staff supervision and development
  • Good coordination, communication with community and different stakeholders
  • Fluent in oral and written Nepali and English language
  • Knowledge of Terai local languages (Tharu, Maithali) would be an added advantage.
  • Good coordination skills and efficient team player
  • Experiences in humanitarian crisis/emergencies and basic understanding of WASH emergency response/reconstruction, including sphere standards.
  • Knowledge and skills on Rights- based approaches, GESI, nutrition, and special needs of women in this context would be an added advantage.
  • Willingness to stay and travel extensively in the project locations and ability to work under high pressure.
  • Experience in planning, implementation and monitoring of ED projects in the communities.
  • Skills in training, coaching, mentoring and capacity building of beneficiaries, partners and CBOs
  • Valid two-wheeler driving license is mandatory and able to ride a motorcycle in rural environment.


Other requirements:

 Child Safeguarding, Core Humanitarian Standard, GESI

  • Ensure that all Program staffs understand and respect the Child Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies, CHS and GESI
  • Report on the protection concerns to the Project Coordinator in-line with the MCDC Nepal Child Safeguarding Policy.
  • Ensure the Child Protection Policy, CHS and GESI code of conduct visible at all level and activities.


  • Holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modeling MCDC Nepal values.
  • Holds the team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities – giving them the freedom to deliver in the best way they see fit, providing the necessary development to improve performance and applying appropriate consequences when results are not achieved.


  • Sets ambitious and challenging goals for themselves and their team, takes responsibility for their own personal development and encourages others to do the same.
  • Widely shares their personal vision for MCDC Nepal, engages and motivates others.
  • Future orientated, thinks strategically. 


  • Builds and maintains effective relationships, with their team, colleagues, communities and external partners and supporters.
  • Values diversity sees it as a source of competitive strength.
  • Flexible, receptive, adaptive, good listener, easy to talk to.

Additional responsibilities:

  • The job responsibilities as explained above are not exhaustive and the position holder may be required to carry out additional duties within reasonableness of their level of skills and experiences for good will of organization.
  • Adopt and demonstrate “Do No Harm” Policy in each and every step of your assignments.

To Apply

Please send/submit your updated CV with at least 2 references the following addresses with a cover letter addressing the applicant’s motivation to work on this post. 

Email: or Submit the hard copy of required documents at MCDC Head office; Agnisair Krishnasawaran -6 Mahuli, Saptari

Deadline for submission: 17th  July, 5:00 PM(At business hour)

Female, Local inhabitant, Marginalized, and youths are encouraged to apply.

Only Shortlisted candidates will be called for the further selection process. Canvassing at any stage of the process shall lead to automatic disqualification. The right to reject and select the application shall remain to the organization.