Mahuli , Saptari

 Resource Mobilization Programs

With an aim to ensure financial sustainability, MCDC-Nepal has introduced several resource mobilization and fund raising programs since its establishment. Initially dependent on individual donations and income from cultural activities, it has now embarked on following business initiatives to ensure regular income to support its regular program activities. 

Bamboo Resource Center

Bamboo resource center has been the major contributor to the MCDC-Nepal funds. The facility established in 2018, is available to development agencies and villagers who needs treated and quality bamboo for building safer house.

Membership Fees

The general members and Active-members of the organization are required to renew their membership annually paying certain amount of fee. The amount thus received is used in institutional development activities. The life members also contribute one-time fixed membership amount.

Voluntary Contribution

The organization seeks voluntary contribution in cash and kind from its staff, members, and resource persons. The amount thus collected is used for Organization development and human resource development.

 Promotion and Welfare Program:

Over the decades, MCDC-Nepal has spearheaded promotion of distinct institutions catering to specific socio-economic needs of the community. The Mahuli Community Development Center (MCDC) now includes following institutions:

Mahuli Micro-finance (MahuliLaghubittaBittiyaSanstha Ltd.

MahuliLaghubittaBittiyaSanstha (MLBS) is in operation since May 2013 as a 15 district level micro-finance institution with an objective to contribute on poverty reduction and socio-economic development of the country. With authorized capital of NPR 30crore and issued and paid-up capital of NPR 12.24 million, its operation has covered 15 districts through 40 branch offices managed well by 200 well trained staff. Owned by above 900 shareholders (including 63 promoters), about community people are associated with the institution of which 60000 are the borrowers. With innovative partnership projects, the institution is making good progress in all aspects and expanding its program area rapidly. It is providing both financial and non-financial services including education in financial literacy, technical training, market linkages, and on-site support.

Welfare Programs

As a non-profit making and non-political organization, MCDC-Nepal is providing welfare service to the broader community people. The welfare programs are managed through internal resources in bringing positive social change.